We as a whole depend intensely on innovation nowadays and why not? Most contraptions are empowering influences that guide us in our every day lives. Where might we be without our cell phones, tablets, TVs, the web or an electronic back scratcher?

Be that as it may, abuse of tech can be risky. A lot of individuals have fallen foul subsequent to placing an excessive amount of trust into their specialized thingamabobs.

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They've discovered that online networking, GPS, Photoshop and numerous other tech-based apparatuses can pivot and chomp them on the behind. What's more, there are numerous useful examples out there that we should all notice.

So have a look through our gather together of the best gadgetry gaffs - some amusing, some out and out stunning - so as to abstain from committing similar errors. Flick through the exhibition above and read accounts of innovation dread. In any event, it may make you reconsider before hitting send on your next tweet.

Recall innovation is there to help or potentially engage us, not give us unlimited power to be flighty twonks.